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Why I Became a Financial Advisor

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

By David J. Blount, CFP®

LPL Financial Advisor

Some things in life captivate us from a young age and never stop being fascinating. Even as a young boy, I have always been interested in how money is earned, spent, saved, and invested. This led me to start making my own money so I could experience how to manage it. Growing up in a small town in Rhode Island, I found many ways to earn money through various part-time jobs which included delivering newspapers, shoveling snow from people’s driveways, raking leaves in yards, working for the town of Lincoln, and even cleaning the police cars after school. This entrepreneurial spirit took hold of me at a young age, which, along with my interest in finances and a desire to help people in a practical way, led me to choose a career as a financial advisor.

Starting Out

Before beginning my career in the financial industry, I joined the U.S. Coast Guard and served for a total of nine years. My time in the service provided invaluable experience as I worked in various positions such as navigation, marine environmental protection, maritime law enforcement, and search and rescue. During this time, I also earned certifications in leadership and management, which helped prepare me for working in the financial world.

After leaving the Coast Guard, I pursued my education further, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in business. Upon graduating I was ready to start my career as a financial advisor. I began working in Orlando, FL, in 2000 with MONY Group, Locust Street Securities (ING), and later Calton & Associates. While I learned a lot at these companies, after a few years, I knew I was ready to branch out on my own.

Next Steps

My desire in becoming a financial advisor was always to help people pursue their financial goals and seek to achieve financial independence. Having worked in the industry for larger institutions, I realized that the small business independent advisor platform was the best way I could serve my clients in a personalized way. This led me to start my own firm, Investment & Insurance Planning Services, LLC (IIPS).

Always wanting to learn and grow so I can better serve my clients, I quickly pursued and earned my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ credential from the University of Central Florida in 2007. Now I get to spend the day using my skills, passions, and experience to serve my clients and help them realize their financial dreams.

Why I Love What I Do

I feel fortunate to say there are many things I love about my job including onboarding new clients, building their financial plans, seeing clients achieve their goals, experiencing practice growth, mentoring a young advisor, and participating in charitable opportunities in my community—to name just a few!

Everyone on our team works hard at what they do because we’re all self-motivated professionals. We take the initiative to continue improving our processes for the benefit of the team and our clients. We’re passionate about helping people and find it very rewarding to see them become more confident about their financial future and free to pursue what makes them happy.

Want to Know More?

At IIPS, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive financial planning services, including retirement planning, investment management, estate planning, and insurance planning. We are here to help you navigate the complexities of life changes and new circumstances so you can make informed decisions about your future.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss your current financial planning considerations or investment concerns and see if our services are a match for your needs. You can reach us by calling (407) 542 -3249, emailing or message us here.

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