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The Invest-Sure Process

This includes a comprehensive retirement plan bundled with our investment management services. An annual advisory account management of 1.2% covers the entire process. Eligible for accounts or households with at least $250,000 invested in our advisory accounts,

Pre-Retirement Plan

Typically for those five or more years from retirement who want to be proactive about their financial future. The Pre-Retirement Plan endeavors to help you craft a strategy for pursuing financial freedom. Financial freedom is the time at which you no longer need income from employment to maintain your lifestyle. This plan will help you discern how much you need to save, how much risk to take with your investments, what return you need on your investments and collaborates these variables with your fixed income sources, alternative investments and other assets

Initial cost is $1,000, then $350 for updates.

Comprehensive Retirement Plan

Typically for those at, near or already retired. It includes all the services in the Pre-Retirement Plan plus a retirement income spending plan, social security benefits analysis and if applicable pension roll-out analysis, long-term care insurance discussion, annuity considerations and many other potential planning considerations regarding your retirement options.

Initial cost is $1,500, then $500 for updates

Modular Planning

​Modular plans include but not limited to:

  • College Planning

  • Insurance Needs Analysis

  • Mortgage Refinance Consult

  • 401(k) or Investment Portfolio Review

  • Investment Risk Tolerance Consult

  • Annuity Contract Review

$250.00 per module.

Hourly Consulting

Ideal for those who are looking for advice, coaching, or support in implementing a specific or unique goal. The initial consultation is always free and estimates will be provided before beginning any work.

$175.00 per hour

Complimentary Services

The following are services are available completely free of charge.  Simply select the services and provide your contact information to sign up


401K Investing Made Easy

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2022 Important Numbers

A checklist of Tax limits, minimums, and brackets for the 2022 fiscal year.

A checklist of tax limits, minimums, and brackets for the 2022 tax year.


Request Introductory Call

A quick call to discuss your current financial planning considerations or investment concerns. 

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