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Financial Planning for JetBlue Pilots & Crewmembers

At Investment & Insurance Planning Services, we are not affiliated with or endorsed by JetBlue. As independent financial advisors, we’ve cultivated specialized expertise in working with JetBlue pilots & crewmembers to create robust retirement plans that leverage their employee benefits.


We'll Be Your Co-pilot

Getting your finances off the ground and reaching cruising altitude by retirement takes thoughtful preparation. We understand the unique challenges JetBlue pilots and crewmembers face when it comes to retirement planning.

Strategize Your Retirement Lift-Off

Mandatory retirement ages may sneak up faster than expected. We can help you stay ahead by creating a customized retirement plan. The goal is to have a smooth transition when it comes time to set aside your wings.

Manage Debt

Aviation licenses and certifications can come with hefty costs, often necessitating debt. Our Invest-sure process can guide you in devising a strategy to reduce excess baggage and support an efficient lift off toward your retirement goals.

Decode Your Benefits Package

Navigating JetBlue’s intricate employee benefits can be challenging. That’s why partnering with a financial advisor who understands these benefits thoroughly can help you in identify the ones that align with your specific retirement goals.

Protect Your Runway

Disability and life insurance coverage offers essential protection given the demands of aviation careers. We can help you incorporate a safety net into your financial plan that can help keep you and your family protected.

Demystifying Your JetBlue 401(K) 

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