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Financial Planning for JetBlue Pilots & Crewmembers

At Investment and Insurance Planning Services, we are not affiliated with or endorsed by JetBlue, but through our exclusive experience, we have developed specialized expertise in working with JetBlue pilots to leverage their employee benefits and optimize their finances.


Demystifying Your JetBlue 401(K) 

Download our 401(K) Investing Demystified for JetBlue Pilots and Crewmembers booklet that breaks down the key details of your company's retirement plan into an easy-to-digest format.


We'll Be Your Co-pilot

We understand the unique challenges JetBlue crew members face. Getting your finances off the ground and reaching cruise altitude by retirement takes thoughtful preparation. 

Strategize Your Retirement Lift-Off

Mandatory retirement ages may sneak up faster than expected. We can put a tailored plan in place to help your investments take off.

Manage Debt

The high costs of aviation licenses and certifications often necessitate debt. We can help identify a balanced pay-down strategy to clear the runway.

Decode Your Benefits Package

Make the most of JetBlue’s retirement perks, but the options can be complex. We’ll help you pick the right ones to maximize your nest egg.

Secure Your Runway

Disability and life insurance coverage offers essential protection given the demands of aviation careers. We'll help you incorporate the right safety net into your financial plan to keep you protected.


Ready to take your Financial Plan to the
next level?

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