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Our Clients

Most of our clients come from a professional background such as engineering, pilots, education, administration and small business owners.  We have many current and former L3 Harris Corp employees and JetBlue pilots. What they had in common when we began working together was a career transition such as retirement, job change, starting a business or just wanting to be more intentional about planning their financial future.

Client Avatars

These avatars represent a cross section of our clients and the concerns they had before we started working together:


Mr. & Mrs. Maverick

Saving for Retirement

  • Planning on retiring in 10-15 years

  • Married with 1 young child

  • Family of JetBlue pilots flying as much as they can

  • Looking to protect lifestyle in the event of income loss.

  • Looking for help managing their wealth to focus more on family and work.

  • Interested in expanding their 401K options through a self-directed 401k PCRA Plan

  • Looking for advice on level of risk to take in EZ Tracker

  • Has a high income and tax planning needs

  • Concerned about their long-term financial security

  • Wants to save for college tuitions and future wedding celebrations

Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Nearing Retirement

  • Expecting to retire within next 5-10 years

  • Married with children

  • Dual Income full time wage earners 

  • Regularly investing in their company 401K accounts

  • Looking for help managing IRA and non-retirement investments

  • Concerned about their long-term financial security

  • Retirement Plan Goals to relocate, travel and volunteer

  • Hopes to leave a legacy for beneficiaries

Mr. & Mrs. Landry

At Retirement

  • Ready to retire within the next year or two

  • ​Husband has been an L3Harris engineer for 25 years

  • Wife is a former L3Harris Employee

  • Husband has been a Project Manager for many years and is now a Director

  • Has a 401K and is concerned with the complexities of managing income and investments during retirement

  • Wants to know how much he can withdraw per year without running out of funds

  • Would like a Social Security Analysis

  • Goals to travel and remodel home this year

  • Concerned about his long-term care

  • Has old 401Ks and IRAs that he would like to consolidate

Nancy Singleton

Independent Individual

Easter composition
  • Lives alone after experiencing a significant life event.

  • Hopes to leave a legacy for two grandchildren

  • Regularly invests in his/her company 401K

  • Concerned about her financial security and due recent life transitions.

  • Looking for a plan for more confidence in her future

  • Concerned about his/her long-term care as they age and doesn’t want to burden his/her children

  • Has old 401Ks and IRAs that he/she would like to consolidate

Donald  Draper

Small Business Owner

Happy Businessman
  • Highly successful business owner

  • Wants to implement a business plan that provides the highest tax deduction

  • Concerned about the succession of his business

  • Wants to insure key personnel of his business

  • Wants a financial plan that maximizes business strategy, real estate assets, non-retirement, and retirement investments

  • Concerns about high income and tax planning needs

  • Unsure whether to keep business or pull value from during retirement


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