Our Firm

As independent financial advisors, our advantage to you is that we offer products and services from a wide range of highly rated financial companies. We’re not limited or restricted to one company’s products and services, or swayed by a sales manager telling us what to sell.  Therefore, our interests are completely aligned with our clients' goals.  In most cases, we advise under a fiduciary standard, which means we're committed to doing what's in your best interest, as our client.

Our process involves discovering your unique values, goals and interests then finding compatible strategies for your financial plan.  We then monitor your progress and provide outstanding service!  Depending upon the clients' needs and goals, our compensation is based on either investment management fees, commissions or in some cases an hourly consulting fee.  Together we can explore the options available to you in the pursuit of your financial goals.  We think you will appreciate the trust and confidence that comes from working with a leading independent advisor.